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Diego Yells at GabeJol during Break Fla-Flu, Sees Ceni 'Motivation' - 05/23/2021

Diego Yells at GabeJol during Break Fla-Flu, Sees Ceni ‘Motivation’ – 05/23/2021

The sound that reverberated in the tunnel to reach the locker rooms of the Maracana, still in the interval, did not have a light tone. Diego Ribas shouted off the field with him GabeJulThe moment Flamengo beat Fluminense 2-0 in the Carioca final. An attention-grabbing discussion that Coach Rogiero Ceni saw as an example of in-group motivation That would come to the mystery of the state title.

Diego complained: “There is a game we have to play … However, put 10 more goals there, stop that match …”

“Give me the ball,” replied Gabijol.

The red and black captain replied, “I will give. I will run like crazy.”

To ease the heated controversy, Ruggiero Cene cited the results of the last matches with Fluminense. In Brazil, red and black took on their turn in a 2-to-1 ratio, in a game that could have put the title holders at risk. In the first match of the Carioca Final, there was a draw.

“I was going out with them. Diego said,” Let’s take it seriously. “He said, ‘Play with me, I’ll score. “But at any point in terms of discussion, and yes, in motivation. Why? Two Fla-Flus, we started well, the good first time, we crushed, we scored the goal, we lost the first match in that 2 to 1 in the Brazilian championship, then we played 1 to 0, in the last game, and we played well … one of the things we worked the most on was the mental aspect. Unfortunately we had a penalty kick, but the team did better than the other classics. That’s what we would expect. If we could play a game. The first good, above the opponent, the goal is to score, and to play in a high streak, it is a team that has a lot of talent in handling the ball. Today, I think the team embodied this spirit a little more, ”said Rogiero Cene.

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The heroes of the strange scene in the Maracana also put on warm clothes, despite the intensity of the approach in the tunnel.

Diego said: “It was talking about a game, it is a final, we have to be connected all the time. Gabi is a key player for our team, all instructions given to him are always valid. And that is what happened.”

The goal of the group, Gabigoul said the behind the scenes atmosphere is hot among the players, but in a good way.

“You have to see our locker room for what it is. That’s why there is flamingo in place, says Bruno Henrique, on another level. So it’s a fight, it’s a discussion … in training it’s the same thing, sometimes worse. Everyone all days charge themselves up.” , Regardless of age, the experience they already had. Every day it was this. This was a simple fight. There are many in the locker room warmer. So go ahead with the dance. Now I’m going to have a little wine with him and everything is fine, “assured the attacker Black Red in Carioca, with eight goals.