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Diego Gonçalves plans next season and sets Botafogo SAF sale as historic: 'more giant'

Diego Gonçalves plans next season and sets Botafogo SAF sale as historic: ‘more giant’


The striker believes that good performances last season can help start this competition

Photo: Jorge Rodrigues/AGIF
© Photo: Jorge Rodrigues/AGIFPhoto: Jorge Rodrigues/AGIF

the Botafogo in the final days of the preparatory season and is preparing to make his debut at Campeonato Carioca next Tuesday (25), in a match against good viewIn the field Nelton Santos. attacker Diego Goncalves Evaluated this period of preparation of the team vinaigra.

I am very happy that I am starting the pre-season with Botafogo, a great team. Expectation is the best, to have a good Campeonato Carioca. In order to continue this strong preparatory season, we can have a good championship. Start strong so you can celebrate in the end“, announce During an interview withBotafogo TVThis Wednesday (19).

Diego Goncalves Believes in a better future with the arrival of the entrepreneur John Textor, who signed a contract to buy 90% of SAF from the Rio team: “A historic moment for Botafogo, it has become even more gigantic. Expectations are huge, both guys who have arrived now and can help us a lot. It takes root in the season of victories and conquests“, added.

the player He also highlighted the good moment of last season and believes it can act as a catalyst: “We finished the season well (2021) with a title and access (from the second division), and it will continue. Expectations are very high, both of us and the fans want to see Botafogo always win matches. Let’s start Carioca with victories“, I finish.

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