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Diego Costa backs away from Cidade de Gallo: ‘Many don’t get to their feet’

Photo: Pedro Sousa/Atlético/Flickr

Diego Costa backs down after saying Atletico’s dressing room was ‘dirty’

Diego Costa pictured himself for Cidade de Gallo Thursday night (2) via Instagram. The striker asked the fans to calm down, as some athletes were angry at the athlete’s speech. The former Atlético player also mentioned that many training centers do not reach the feet of CT Alfinegro.

“People calm down, I just talked about the dressing room, and that’s the truth. The rest is great. (That) doesn’t mean they’re all good in Europe. Via the post on Instagram Stories.

Diego Costa’s speech about the dressing room at Cidade de Gallo

“European level CT marketing. Woolen locker room is so bad. Brother, you tell me to tell the truth, for God’s sake. There’s a field there, but if it rains, you can’t train, you don’t train.. The dressing room is there, that bathroom, the water.” Such a flow comes out (pointing with his hand pointing to a little water.) Do you understand? You are asking about a structure at the European level.

After providing many details about Cidade de Gallo, the athlete still claims that he was telling the truth. “Say what European level? No. Do you want me to lie? I won’t lie,” said the striker.

However, when asked about the level of training at Atletico Madrid, the team he made history, Diego Costa was also criticized. For him, the Spanish club has no European structure and praised the food made by the Brazilian national team.

“Atletico Madrid is also at the European level, no. It’s all a lie here (in Spain) too. There at Atletico, in terms of the quality they give the player, they give the meal. That’s 100% higher. In Atletico” Madrid you finished your training there, you have lunch The food is great, the chefs are the best in the world at Atlético Mineiro. There is a place to stay there, you have your bed. This station is really at the top. The attacker praised.

After praising Gallo in comparison to Atlético Madrid, Diego Costa came back to talk about Cidade do Gallo and did not utter the words to determine the status of Atletico’s locker room and gym.

“It’s just that the players training room is bad. That’s it. The gym is dead too, but there’s no block. Guys don’t have everything. Guys in transition. Guys said they have a project there in a part of the top there is a very high station, they understand ?

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