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Did you know that your nails reveal facts about your health?

Did you know that your nails reveal facts about your health?

Taking care of our health is very important, after all, signs of neglect tend to show up everywhere, even on our nails. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the signs that appear in our body. Observing the nails is a simple and obvious way of self-analysis. Dermatologists still stress the importance of having your nails analyzed at least once a month. Find out in the course of this article what your nails reveal about you.

Nails can reveal secrets about our health

There are several ways to realize that something is wrong with our health and one of them is to analyze our nails. They can indicate everything from washing our hands too often to serious conditions, such as cancer. Therefore, it is very important that we learn to recognize the signs and take care of ourselves in the best possible way.

the Dermatologist Shari Lipner of Cornell University also points to an important practice: “It is imperative that people perform nail self-exams once a month, in addition to relying on dermatologists.” So, check out below some of the signs that should worry you if they appear on your nails.

Nail bruise

It is common for us to eventually hurt our nails, and therefore a bruise appears on them. The big problem is when these bruises remain, after all, this may show a small possibility of cancer. This occurs when skin cancer appears on top of the nails, where a black spot called subungual melanoma forms.

Therefore, if you do not remember that your nails were infected before, and the stain tends to spread more and more, it is necessary to see a doctor, because when detected early, the chances of successful cancer treatment are very high.

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Also, another sign of cancer under the nail is the appearance of only a dark stripe, which is often mistaken for an ink spot or something.

Red lines

If your nail has red or brown streaks under it, be very careful, because when they are not associated with any infection, they are most likely signs of a heart disease called bacterial endocarditis. The disease has other symptoms, such as chest pain, joint pain and shortness of breath.

Rivets with holes and chips

Wear is often associated with some fungal or bacterial infection, but in some cases it may signal a warning of future arthritis.

Striped nails

A nail that has many fine vertical lines, in addition to normal aging, can usually be linked to excessive hand washing or excessive use of cleaning products.

Brittle nails

Brittle nails can indicate an iron-deficient diet.