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did you know? Boredom can have a lot of benefits for your mental health!

Have you noticed that people’s daily lives are becoming increasingly fast-paced? The extra work and commitments end up getting everyone excited, so the… comfort increasingly absent. Being bored these days seems almost impossible. At least rare. People are not used to having free time, which leads to increased stress. See below how boredom is now welcome and can offer so many benefits to your mental health.

The benefits of boredom for mental health

While most people think overproduction is beneficial, research says otherwise. According to reliable sources, the feeling of boredom – coming from the moment when you’re not doing anything at all – is very good for your health. Rest for the mind makes us more attentive and creative, in addition to avoiding mental problems.

Check out some of the proven benefits below:

  1. More interest in activities

When you allow your mind to rest, your reserves of attention and motivation are replenished. This way, you will be more productive and ready to take on future activities.

  1. More creativity

According to neuroscientists, being bored is good for the brain. At this time there will be inspiration for creativity, clever ideas and ideas.

  1. Fewer mental disorders

The act of doing nothing gives the brain a state of relaxation and recovery, in which there will be the possibility of relief from problems of anxiety, depression and stress.

If you are having difficulties doing anything, the advice is to stay away from your work environment. If possible, also stay away from Cellular.

It is interesting to be close to nature or in the company of people you love. Don’t take the concept of productivity too seriously and just think that this break will give you more creativity and interest in the future.

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