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Diane, Marina, Rico and Solange on the farm.  Poll · TV news

Diane, Marina, Rico and Solange on the farm. Poll · TV news

Diane Melo, Marina Ferrari, Rico Melquiades and Solange Gomez are on the eleventh farm in farm 13. The Rocheros was determined at dawn on Wednesday (1). Who would you like to stay on Record’s reality show? Vote in the poll at the end of this text.

Shooting experience winnerDynho Alves began shaping Berlin by discovering the powers of the lamp. MC Mirella’s ex-husband He had to choose between the red and yellow scrolls and he chose the lighter color. As I promised, hand the darkest color to Stefan Matos.

Then the singer read the power of his choice: “The owner of this power can be immune to the formation of gardens as long as he leaves his thirst without water for 72 hours.” Without thinking too much, he chose to get out of the danger zone and punish all his fellow prisoners.

MC Gui He then intervened and announced his vote as Farmer of the Week. funkeiro aims to solange And take the opportunity to blow up the opponent. “We’ve had a lot of friction all this time, she insists on bringing things from the outside. I talked about my engagement, and she said I got engaged to get a good guy’s picture. I don’t agree with this behavior. I’m very upset about things. She said, “justified that.

“Let me talk, you have a thing for not letting people talk. When you talk about your fiancée, you’re not talking on the outside, you’re talking on the inside. I’m not bringing anything from the outside, I’m talking about your behavior here. It’s my point, and I wanted to make that clear.” Plus I think it’s rotten,” Banheira do Gugu’s previous reaction.

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After the decision of the dignitary, Galisto opened the voting at the headquarters. Rico He was the most targeted, scoring five votes. The man from Alagoas sat on the second bench in the park and pulled out Diane, residents of the Gulf.

The owner of the red manuscript sthephane The Force of the Night revealed: “You must choose two infantrymen who are not on the farm. A new vote will decide the fourth farmer.” statement mode Marina NS Aline Mineiro insight. Marina was the most voted and completed the week’s hot spot. The girl also managed to contest one of her opponents from the farmer’s test and excluded Diane from the dispute over the head-office hat.


Who would you like to stay at A Fazenda 13 on Farm 11?

Who voted for whom?

See below who voted for whom in the farm formation:

  • Mayledi Mihaely voted for Rico Melquiades
  • Diane Melo voted for Rico Melquiades
  • Ellen Mineiro voted for Stefan Matos
  • Dinho Alves voted for Rico Melquiades
  • Marina Ferrari voted for Stefane Matos
  • Sthefane Matos voted for Rico Melquiades
  • Rico Melquiades voted for Stefan Matos
  • Arcapano de Araujo voted for Rico Melquiades
  • Solange Gomez voted for Stefan Matos

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