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DF records 35 deaths by Covid this Sunday.  The moving average drops to 51.2

DF records 35 deaths by Covid this Sunday. The moving average drops to 51.2

Moving average mortality by Covid-19 In the Federal District it fell for the eighth consecutive day, this Sunday (4/25), reaching the 51.2 mark. 35 deaths were reported in the balance today. Due to delays in notifications, no 15 deaths occurred in the past 24 hours.

Compared to the past 14 days, there was a 24.26% decrease in the moving average, indicating a downward trend in the number of deaths. Given the incubation time for the novel coronavirus, an expert recommendation was adopted to compare the moving average of the day with the average movement two weeks ago. Fluctuations in the number of deaths or cases of up to 15% more or less characterize persistence.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, DF has already reported 373,501 infections and 7,569 deaths from the disease. During the past twenty-four hours, 35 deaths and 938 new injuries were recorded. Data from DF Health Department.

Moving average

Tracking the progress of the Covid-19 pandemic based on absolute deaths or case data is far from ideal. This is because they can have very large daily variations, especially the delay in records. On weekends, for example, it’s common to notice a big drop in numbers.

To reduce this effect and produce a more accurate display, moving average is widely used around the world. The rate represents the total reported deaths in a week divided by seven. The reason for the name “Al-Jawal” is that it differs according to the total number of deaths in the previous seven days.