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DF employees are now entitled to paid monthly leave

DF employees are now entitled to paid monthly leave

It is estimated that approximately 15% of women experience severe PMS symptoms Photo: Jeronimo Gonzalez/MS

As of Wednesday (6), public employees in the Federal District who suffer from severe menstrual pain are entitled to up to 3 days off work every month.

The removal was provided for in Supplementary Law No. 1,032/2024, promulgated by the Legislative Council of the Federal District, and included in the legislation governing civil servants and employees of government and local public institutions.

Under the law, the license is granted after being certified by a medical professional or professional. Employees will not receive a salary deduction.

For most women, PMS symptoms are mild to moderate in severity. It is estimated that about 15% of women who menstruate experience serious symptoms, such as abdominal pain, severe cramps, endometrial swelling, and migraines, which affects professional performance.

The author of the law, District Attorney Max Maciel (PSOL), highlights that the new standard comes to accommodate this part of the population. The federal district is the first unit in the federation to approve paid menstrual leave, according to the parliamentarian's office.

“Passing the law is the first step for us to start discussing menstrual health. In addition to identifying and treating women with serious symptoms associated with menstrual flow, it is an opportunity to disseminate information to the entire population. As in other countries, we hope that our law will serve as a seed for the adoption of licensing for all people who menstruate,” the parliamentarian said.

It will be up to the Federal District Government to determine the extent to which the law is enforced in agencies through regulation.

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Currently, there is no national law on this subject. In the House of Representatives, a proposal is being studied to grant leave for three consecutive days to women who suffer from severe pain during menstruation, without loss of salary.

In Pará, a similar project was analyzed, but ended up being vetoed by the state government.

Other countries

The majority of countries that guarantee some type of paid leave for menstruating women are in Asia, including Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, and South Korea.

In February 2023, Spain became the first European country to allow women who suffer from severe menstrual cramps to miss work. Spanish law does not specify the number of vacation days and considers menstrual cramps to be “temporary disability.”

In April, France began evaluating the possibility of establishing paid monthly leave in the country.

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