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‘Destiny 2’ and ‘Among Us’: Co-Launching Brings News!

Playing video games is probably an endless exercise, after all the generations have passed and the dream of winning a console is always there, regardless of age.

Despite this, today many computers are already capable of running existing games, such as Among Us and Destiny 2, which, by the way, are synergistic.

Collaboration between “Between Us” and “Destiny 2”

The major collaboration between Among Us and Destiny 2 brings several themed cosmetics inspired by the latter archer Bungie for the game, and you can earn it if you want to play some games.

In this way, what was an assumption due to a photo on Twitter becomes a reality, because the coordination of the characters in the shared photo is really part of the “Among Us” world.

In addition, it is possible to obtain “Destiny 2” cosmetics through purchase Cosmic Guardian For 3,500 “beans” (in-game currency).

At this point, it is interesting to note that this pack has many advantages, as it is packed with items that refer to the history of the Guardians.

What are the benefits of upgrading?

Collaboration brings improvements to the user interface, including many changes and fixes. Also, the Ads screen has been reworked, as have player reports and petting.

For the happiness of the players, bug fixes have been taken care of and more interface updates will come.

Until when will it be available?

Unfortunately, this won’t be available forever. Therefore, “Destiny” fans should take advantage of the opportunity until May 30 of this year (2023). After this date, the Guardian Cosmicube will no longer be available.

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Whoever purchases the pack will be entitled to a Guardian outfit, a Starhorse hat, and various creatures, such as Ghost, Pouka, or Hive worm, that can accompany players as pets.

In short, since time is limited, wait no more and dress up your character like a true guardian!