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Deolane puts the record up on the wall and makes an appointment to expose the rot TV news

Deolane puts the record up on the wall and makes an appointment to expose the rot TV news

Diolane Bezerra She promised to expose the real reasons that made her give up farm 14🇧🇷 The lawyer said that she will make a statement on Wednesday (7), at 10:45 pm, via her social networks. “We collect documents and photos,” said the former worker.

Through the Instagram Stories tool, this Tuesday (6) the widow of MC Kevin (1998-2021) sent a message to her more than 15 million followers.

“Tomorrow, 12/7, at 10:45pm, I will be announcing all of the reasons why I left A Fazenda 14. We are gathering documents and photos for further clarification. You guys have been very important,” Deulan wrote.

According to the report, Record had not commented on the matter as of this publication.


Deolin leave farm 14 After learning of the health condition of his mother, Solange Bezerra, who was hospitalized in São Paulo due to acute stress. The lawyer then left Dayan and Daniel Bezerra protests And confirmed by a record on Sunday afternoon (4).

The first to announce Diolan’s departure were her sisters. After taking a sound car Near the headquarters, he asks her to ring the bell. Meanwhile, Playplus mentions are down.

When broadcasts resumed, MC Kevin’s widow (1998-2021) was no longer home, and Petala Barreros and Pia Miranda were surprised by the absence of the allybut let them slip that they saw Diane outside.

A few minutes later, all the participants were summoned to the room, where Pele Melfellows read out the solemn statement. “The woman was called by the medical department to inform her of the state of her mother’s health. Given the information, she has elected to withdraw from the game,” the note said.

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“Her mother wasn’t feeling well? Does she know anything?” Barbara Borges was amazed. “We don’t know anything, we know the same thing as you,” Petal exasperated. “I’m sorry,” the actress asked.

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