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Deniz's assistant praises Santos' performance in the draw: 'It neutralized Fortaleza's key moves' |  saints

Deniz’s assistant praises Santos’ performance in the draw: ‘It neutralized Fortaleza’s key moves’ | saints

Eduardo Zuma, Technical Assistant at SantosHe led the team on the edge of the lawn this Sunday, in a tie for 1 a 1 With Fortaleza, because coach Fernando Dinez was suspended. According to him, the score against one of the main teams in Brazilian Championship He was very positive about what Peixe had to offer. Mainly because he was able to neutralize the opponent’s strengths.

We played an exhausting match on Thursday (against Libertad) and contextualized the match, the opponent, away from home, the team with the best performance at home, I appreciate Santos’ performance as positive. The team competed, nullified Fortaleza’s key moves and struggled as we knew it was going to be. He said the players had achieved what Deniz had asked for during the week.

Eduardo Zuma led Santos against Fortaleza with Deniz suspended – Photo: Evan Storte / Santos FC

In the first half, after being trailed on the scoreboard, Pixie responded in the next minute and equalized with a Carlos Sanchez header.

We got more in the match. More finishing touches on the goal in the first half. We made the team as a whole satisfied. It resulted in what we expected. We want to go to a big game on Thursday. “I thank all the players for getting them on the field,” Zuma said.

Not only did Santos defend well, but I think that while we had the energy to play, we were able to create opportunities to score goals. Santos played well. He knew how to beat a well-trained Fortaleza team. It is the team that hurts its opponents the most at home – complete the assistant.

Santos will return to the field next Thursday, at 9:30 pm, in front of Libertad in Paraguay, in the second leg of the Copa Sudamericana quarter-finals. For Brazil, the team plays again on Sunday, at 6:15 pm, against Inter, at Villa Belmiro, for the 17th round.

Watch the best moments:

Fortaleza x Santos – Best Moments

– Image: Disclosure

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