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Deniz does not set a deadline for his return, but praises the importance of Sanchez – 06/06/2021

Deniz does not set a deadline for his return, but praises the importance of Sanchez – 06/06/2021

At a press conference after Santos 3-1 victory over CiaraPixie coach Fernando Dinez spoke of Carlos Sanchez’s return to the pitch after eight months out with a ligament injury in his left knee. The coach avoided giving a deadline for the midfielder’s return, but did talk about the player’s importance to the team.

“I won’t set a deadline so I don’t create expectations in anyone. You know he’s coming from a very complicated surgery and he’s also coming back after Covid, so you have to be careful with him. We’re going to hurry as much as we can because he’s a very important player for us,” said Deniz. At the press conference.

The coach also said it would be a “privilege” to work with him and that he always admired Sanchez when he faced him as a player.

He added, “He has a lot of quality, a lot of charisma, he is appreciated by the fans and he is a player that I always admired when I played against him. That would be a privilege.”

This week, CEO of football Santos, Andre Mazzuko, said that the club “Positive perspective ‘on the possibility of Sanchez renewal with Santos.

“Sánchez is an athlete we know for the quality and importance he has at Santos. Deniz loves that too. We have a positive perspective, yes, to keep it with us. For him that can also be important, he already has a history with us,” Matzuco said in his presentation at Santos. . At the time of a good career also, in decision-making. We have good prospects for that.”

The Uruguayan midfielder’s relationship with Santos ends on July 22. The club and the 36-year-old are still talking to close the renewal.

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Deniz praises the work at Santos

After the match, the coach evaluated his work ahead of Pixie so far. In about a month as coach and six games leading the team, Deniz has assessed that the business is developing and that there are points of his work that can already be seen on the pitch.

“There are a few things that we have been able to put into the team in this month practically of work, even with few opportunities to train because there have been a lot of games on top of the game as well as travel. But little by little, we are developing the team tactically,” Deniz said. .

He also praised the people who work at Santos, saying the team has “great work potential”. Deniz also said he hopes this year they can “achieve a season that Santos deserves”.

“People work a lot here. Players and staff too. Everyone is very committed to doing their best for Santos. People from the Department of Communications, Nutrition and Medicine, people do not measure efforts so that Santos is in good conditions to compete.”, he concluded.