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Democrats $ 3.5 Dry Budget Committee

USA: Democrats Housing Budget Committee $ 3.5 Trim Bill
USA – Photo: Revelation / US Treasury

Democrats on Saturday passed a $ 3.5 trillion, 10-year bill in the U.S. House Budget Committee that strengthens plans for the Social Security Web and climate change. However, Scott Peters, a Democrat from California, along with 16 Republicans opposed the move, stressing the challenges facing party leaders in seeking a consensus on the passage of the package in the US Congress. United States.

According to Budget rules In the United States, the committee was not allowed to significantly change the 2,465-page volume produced by the other 13 House committees.

The session, which does not usually take place on weekends, took place after the main Democrats The party’s parties have stepped up efforts to end the escalating tensions between the center and progressive factions that are undermining President Joe Biden’s agenda.

Party leaders and parliamentarians are in behind-the-scenes talks to reach an agreement on the issue. Oh President Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Majority Leader SenateChuck Schumer conducted a behind-the-scenes search for compromises to resolve internal divisions and execute speech quickly.

In a letter sent to the Democrats on Saturday (25), Pelosi He is due to “pass” the Social and Climate Bill this week, the third step in avoiding the infrastructure project and the government’s shutdown on Friday. “The next few days are a period of seriousness,” he wrote.

It is expected that the action approved by the committee this Saturday will be changed to reflect the agreements between – before the conclusion of the Council – not sure when Room And the Senate. Additional corrections are also possible.

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The bill, which is pending in the U.S. House, covers Biden’s domestic goals

The plan covers Biden’s key domestic goals. John Yarmouth, chairman of the Kentucky State Budget Committee, justified the passage of the bill, citing “decades of exemptions” in health, education, day care and the environment. Republicans say the plan is unnecessary and impossible because federal debt has exceeded $ 28 trillion.

To garner the support of moderates, Bedouin pledged to begin work on another pillar of Biden’s domestic plans in the Chamber on Monday (27): a package $ 1 trillion In roads and other infrastructure projects. But many of them want to downsize the $ 3.5 trillion social and environmental package and streamline or revamp some of their projects.

In response, progressives are threatening to vote against the infrastructure project if its priority $ 3.5 trillion bill goes to a vote this week. While each faction of the party threatens to thwart the most cherished goal of the other, the most important Democrats are using this moment to expedite negotiations on public law on climate and social policy.

The party cannot lose votes in the Senate and can give a maximum of three votes to win in Congress. United States. Biden met with more than 20 Democrats last week. The meetings will continue next week, White House Press Secretary Jen Zaki said.

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