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Demand for patients is shooting and overwhelming health units in Santa Maria

Demand for patients is shooting and overwhelming health units in Santa Maria

Long lines for medical appointments and procedures have been a reality in Brazil for years. The scenario in Santa Maria is no different. With an increase in flu symptoms, concern about Covid-19 and an increase in dengue cases, for about 60 days, according to information from the Santa Maria City Council, the emergency services (PAs) of Tancredo Neves Care (Ruben Noal) and the Emergency Care Unit (UPA 24h) registered a Significantly increased demand for care. Reports of patients who requested Diário, inform that It takes a long time to complete the consultation, in some cases it takes up to 10 hours.

Health Services recommends that units be sought in the municipality prior to an emergency room experience, which is consistent with reports collected by diaries last Thursday and Sunday (28), at the three Santa Maria locations. Most of the patients interviewed initially tried Basic Health Units (UBS) and Family Health Strategies (ESFs), however, the indicated medications had no effects and symptoms remained. So, they said, the emergency services were sought.

The change in temperature, the increase in respiratory conditions and the outbreak of dengue fever afflicting the city were reflected in the number of visits in recent months to the employer’s emergency room. In January and February, 7,800 and 6,700 consultations took place, respectively. Last month, attendance jumped to 10.7 thousand. The month of May is not over until the numbers have already reached 9.7 thousand.

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