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Delta variant of Covid-19 is gaining traction and causing tightening restrictions around the world |  Globalism

Delta variant of Covid-19 is gaining traction and causing tightening restrictions around the world | Globalism

a Delta variable transmission is intensified around the world, forcing the authorities to tighten health restrictions. China has begun to implement domestic restrictions. In Australia, soldiers on the streets ensure that restrictive measures are respected. And in Japan, the state of emergency was extended amid the Olympics.

The delta type of coronavirus is as contagious as chickenpox, It is likely to cause more serious disease than previous cases and cases can be transmitted between vaccinated people as it is between unvaccinated cases, according to documents from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), released by the Washington Post.

The CDC says the delta variant is transmitted like chickenpox

New European research shows that relaxing antiviral measures before vaccinating the entire population significantly increases the risk of more resistant strains emerging. While 60% of Europeans received at least one doseThe study authors highlighted the need to maintain restrictive measures until everyone is fully vaccinated.

a Average daily new cases of Covid-19 in the world increased by 10% Last week, according to a statistic by Agence France-Presse. The increase is due in large part to the highly contagious delta variant. While the Asia Pacific region has been hit hard, with a 61% daily increase in cases in Vietnam and Japan, Western countries are also facing sudden increases, and the United States and Canada have reported a 57% increase in infections. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the delta variant could lead to more outbreaks In a high-risk region stretching from Morocco to Pakistan, where vaccination rates are low.

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China, Japan and Australia

In China, a new outbreak threatens the ‘no-virus’ policy, with cases spreading from Nanjing to five provinces and the capital, Beijing, for the first time in six months. Hundreds of thousands of people were again detained in Jiangsu Province, while 41,000 were ordered to stay at home in Beijing’s Changping District.

In Japan, the number of cases remains low compared to other countries, with 3,300 new infections recorded in Tokyo on Friday, but experts say the medical system is at risk of saturation due to a low level of vaccination: only a quarter of the population has had the full course of vaccination. organizers Olympic Games On Friday (27) new cases related to the event reported, which is the highest daily number so far.

In Australia, the Sydney police will get the help of 300 soldiers to enforce restrictions in the largest city in the country (5 million people), where the number of injuries reached a record level last Thursday (29).

Americans, including vaccinators, Masks should be reinstated in areas where more cases of Covid-19 have been identified. To boost vaccinations, President Joe Biden has urged local authorities to pay $100 for first-time vaccinations. In Europe, where many countries are facing the fourth wave, there are also changes. In Spain, the curfew has been extended in Barcelona and part of Catalonia. From Sunday (01), Germany will circulate the obligation of unvaccinated tourists to provide an anti-virus test when entering the country.