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Decisive in Flamengo's title, Diego Alves shares merit with the group: "I don't feel like I'm a hero" |  Well, friends!

Decisive in Flamengo’s title, Diego Alves shares merit with the group: “I don’t feel like I’m a hero” | Well, friends!

Diego Alves was a guest on “Bem, Amigos!” This Monday, it’s on SporTV. Decisive in the Brazilian Super Cup title that Flamengo won, the goalkeeper does not want to be the champion when talking about the confrontation, even after he defended three penalties.

According to Diego Alves, who also narrated some of the idols that inspired them, the advantage of the whole group, with a focus on comrade Diego Ribas, who avoided a Palmeiras goal above the goal line.

Diego Alves was the protagonist in the resolution – Photo: Reuters

I don’t consider myself a hero at all. I think everyone has done their part. Diego also saved a ball. I think the most important defense is the one that Diego pulled off the goal line. And right after that on penalties, it’s a characteristic of mine. Goalkeepers have their own characteristics and their way of playing. I’ve always known myself well in penalties, since I was little. I always had a good read, a good hunch. I think over time, I also realized that punishment affects a psychological warfare there at the time.

You try to play with the tense situation in order to try to guess what the player should do. And that kind of stance was working fine on this trip. But it was never a desirable thing, the desire to get a penalty. I came from a time at Tafarel in 1994. Rogiero Cene, Dida, Marcos … goalkeepers who have taken many penalties. So, these are my review.

Diego Alves also requested some tactics in an attempt to destabilize the penalty shootout psychology.

– There are several collectors. There are also professionals who like to kick and don’t feel pressure. I agree that sometimes this reputation for defending a penalty kick is impressive and intimidating for the person who is going to kick. I try to talk to them, get close to them, until I feel this nervous. Some, of course, are more rotating, and sometimes they just don’t fall in love with provocation. With an empty stadium, you can close the message. Say what you want, destabilize somehow. And I always do that, since the Spanish season, since the time Atlético-MG. And it worked. To tell you the truth, I have never participated in such exciting penalty shootouts. I am glad to be able to help.

He also told the goalkeeper how he blocked the penalty kick, which Danilo missed.

Flamengo penalties 2 (6) x (5) 2 Palmeiras for the 2021 Brazilian Super Cup

Flamengo penalties 2 (6) x (5) 2 Palmeiras for the 2021 Brazilian Super Cup

– I actually got a message to Danilo on that ball. But I saw that he was extremely skeptical, and I think he still wasn’t sure where he would kick him. It actually crossed the line a bit. Fouden (referee) had already whistled. And when I saw that I had already crossed the line, it might hurt me a little bit, in terms of distraction, I talked to Fouden to wait, I went ahead, and created a little bit of confusion. He was distracted. This is when I realized it was in my psychological game. This is what happened – he announced.

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Watch excerpts from Diego Alves’s post on “Bem, Amigos!” In the video above.