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Decisive for Atlético-MG, Paulinho provides a goal for Vinnie Jr..  He criticizes Mineirao Park: “m*” |  Athlete- mg

Decisive for Atlético-MG, Paulinho provides a goal for Vinnie Jr.. He criticizes Mineirao Park: “m*” | Athlete- mg

“Lord Editors” in Atlético MG In 2023, Paulinho is again decisive. He scored both goals in a 2-1 comeback win over Atlético PR, at Mineirão. The second with a celebration in honor of Vinicius Junior, from Real Madrid, once again the victim of an act of racism in Spain. The Gallo striker also left the field with criticism of Park Mineirao.

Atlético-MG 2 x 1 Athletico-PR – Summary – CONMEBOL Libertadores

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The Real Madrid striker was subjected to racist insults in the match against Valencia, last weekend, for the Spanish Championship, and he was supported by many players and coaches around the world. In Gallo, Paulinho celebrated the second goal of the match with a fist and arm raise.

Atlético-MG 2 x 1 Athletico-PR – Goals of the match – CONMEBOL Libertadores

“The gesture was to show support for Vinicius. We played together in the youth team. We’ve always been involved in selection periods and we’ve always had a great partnership. We were sad about what happened there. It doesn’t fit anywhere in the world anymore. We’ll fight to the end against this ridiculous racism here and in Europe.”

Paulinho, of Atlético-MG, celebrates with his fist in a goal intended for Vinicius Junior – Photo: Agência i7/Mineirão

The attacker’s explanation came after the match in an interview with Paramount+. When asked about the team’s second win in the Libertadores, Paulinho praised the team’s delivery and took the opportunity to criticize Park Mineirao.

“First, I have to commend the team’s dedication. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy. First, because of the field, sorry for the word, but it sucks. We work every day to do the best in the field. Thanks for the team’s effort, with a full house.”

Recently, there has been a lot of criticism from the athletes as well as from the national press regarding the pitch provided in the Gallo matches against Internacional and Corinthians. In the match against Atlético, several areas of “patchy” grass could be noticed. On Saturday, there was a big event on the lawn.

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