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Debt renegotiation begins Wednesday: How do you clear your name?

Debt renegotiation begins Wednesday: How do you clear your name?

Debtors will have a unique opportunity to settle their financial debts from the first Wednesday. This is because the date will be marked with the beginning of a file Debt renegotiation campaign which runs until March 31. During this period defaulters will be able to renegotiate card debts, overdrafts and even payroll loans.

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Finally, it should be noted that other debts can also be negotiated directly with banks and financing companies. However, overdue loans backed by vehicles or real estate are not included in this negotiation list.

How to negotiate debt

The first step is to contact your bank or finance company through the official channels of the institution. Next, it is necessary to inform the debt that you intend to pay off and understand the conditions offered. If agreed, the next step is to sign the negotiations. However, if there is no consensus, it is best to submit a counter-proposal until an agreement is reached with the institution.

Another way to settle debts is to negotiate directly on the Consumidor.gov.br portal.

How to consult debt

From the central bank registration platform, every citizen can consult loans and financing in his own name. In addition, other data such as financial information, investments, and PIX keys are also available for viewing, confidentially, from the platform.

on debt

In the case of highly indebted persons, the advice is to ask the consumer protection and defense agencies so that they can analyze the case in its own terms. In practice, super-indebtedness is when it is impossible for a consumer to pay all of their debts without compromising an existential minimum.

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