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Deborah Syko reposts and defends herself from criticism over her appearance

Deborah Syko reposts and defends herself from criticism over her appearance

Actress Deborah Sekko He returned to comment on the controversy surrounding his appearance at the premiere of “Tá na Copa”., on SporTV, last Sunday (20). On her Instagram Stories, she shared posts from supporters, such as Gabriela Prioli and Maira Azevedo.

This is Deborah’s second appearance on the SporTV attraction’s critique of her appearance – she appeared in a crop top, a crop top, and shorts with visible panties. In the Instagram post, She showed off her look on The Tonight Show, a long-sleeved T-shirt and ankle boots Loud and indirect: “To be as I want.”

At the end of the attraction, she returned to social networks, sharing texts from supporters, along with the phrase: “About what I believe. About how I think.”

Actress Mayra Azevedo, for example, stated that it was “incredible how comfortable everyone is in making the decision and judging what a woman should wear” and asked that “women continue to have freedom and autonomy in their own bodies.”

María Ribeiro, also an actress, highlighted the controversy surrounding the World Cup venue and said, “I think it’s a cool thing. Both the clothes and the fact that the actress can talk about football. Seven to one for you, buddy. Ready here to watch you.”

On the other hand, annoyed by Deborah’s appearance on the SporTV appeal, lawyer and commentator Gabriela Prioli questioned: “If we don’t like an outfit, we don’t wear it.”

Deborah Secco shares messages of support on social media

photo: playback / instagram

The look chosen by Deborah in the editorial version of the attraction has been the target of criticism on social networks, including popular pages such as “Quebrando Tabu”. With over 3 million followers, the account sparked debate about whether the look the actress chose was appropriate for a gym program. Tonight, Kibrando Tapu deleted the post and posted another post stating that the previous post had sent a different message than the one he intended.

Journalist Flávia Jannuzzi, correspondent for TV Globo, was the one who criticized Deborah. She shared a photo of the actress with a controversial look on her Instagram with the following caption: “For what? Eri.” [Eri Johnson], help here! “.

“The excitement of football commentary doesn’t empower any woman. They can slay me here. I thought it was cool!” completed the reporter.

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