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Days to develop a taste for science and discovery

Days to develop a taste for science and discovery

Exhibitions, conferences, workshops, discussions and round tables on the programming of the 30th Science Festival to be held in the Alesian Basin in early October.

A passion for discovery. This is the theme of the 30th National Science Day, in which, as every year, the Agglo d’Alès participates in early October, mainly on Wednesday 6 and Saturday 9.

This festival represents a meeting point for the dissemination of science, the transmission of scientific culture and the opening in general, and will present 22 events within the Cultural Center in Rochelle, in connection with different partners (Eurêk’Alès, Estrela de Cévennes, IMT Mines, Itinérances, Académie de Cévennes, Verrerie or even CPIE… ).

Science is within everyone’s reach

Through exhibitions, activities, circuses, conferences, workshops, and film screenings, these different actors invite young and old to embark on a science adventure.

Various topics such as astronomy, climate change, the sun, energy or light will be discussed. “It’s a very busy weekMayor Max Rustan, who turned up Tuesday to host the show, is guaranteed. Our focus is on youth. The cultural hub you imagined brings a sense of discovery. Let’s make science accessible to all. “

“Highlight” by IMT Mines Alès

The heroine of the important event, IMT Mines Alès alone proposes about ten meetings. “Highlight of our institutionsays Pierre Berdiger, Acting Director of the School of Engineering. We are in the process of imparting scientific culture to the youth. We want to show that we are not only training engineers in IMT mines, but that we are involved in the region. “

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The College of Engineering will offer workshops (October 5), conferences (4, 5 and 7) and games (5), in the presence of teachers and researchers, for school groups. On the sixth day there will also be a visit to the school’s innovation center and an original 180-second presentation of students’ theses on IMT mines on the seventh day (see page above). A risky exercise, but an effective way to make science accessible to all.

information and telephone. 04 66 56 42 30.

Three-minute break messages

This is one of the highlights of this 30th edition. On Thursday afternoon, October 7, there will be a competition to submit a thesis by students of IMT Minas in 180 seconds. Within three minutes, candidates must present their research topic in simple and engaging terms. A real creative exercise in the areas of innovative materials, civil construction, environmental protection, risk prevention, artificial intelligence and information technologies. At the end of the day there is a general award and three scientific awards for doctoral students. A session aimed at school groups, but broadcasts live (2pm) to the general public on IMT Mines Alès Youtube channel.