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Imagem de: Diretor de Days Gone culpa jogadores pelo flop de jogos

Days Gone manager blames players for game failure

According to the writer and creative director of Days passedJohn Garvin, the flop error – in part at least – falls on players who did not purchase the game at full price at launch. In an interview with the channel David Jaffe On YouTube, Garvin said, “If you like a game, buy it at the full price.”

About this, Jaffe asked Garvin how people can love a game they haven’t played yet. Then the director quote God of War For example, he would have had more support with purchases from the start. This statement has been breeding weirdness ever since God of War It comes from a hit series on previous Sony consoles.

There are games out there that are selling well after all. Example OutridersThat sold well Same as Xbox Game Pass.

But Garvin goes further, saying that those who wait to purchase at a discount or only choose a game when they arrive on PlayStation Plus are hurting the games. He added, “Do not complain if the game did not win a second part if you did not support it when it was launched.” This rhetoric is related, of course, to the unsurprising performance of Days passed In sales.

As for market analyst Mat Piscatella, who has worked with Activision and Warner Bros. When a game sells badly, the game itself is responsible or something related to its marketing. He includes in his caption the pricing of the product, if a player is not enthusiastic about buying due to the uninteresting price, he will not do so at launch.