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David Cardoso Jr. in hospital with Covid-19 after protest with underwear on his face TV News

David Cardoso Jr. in hospital with Covid-19 after protest with underwear on his face TV News

After wearing underwear to “protest” social isolation, actor, singer and businessman David Cardoso Jr. has been hospitalized with Covid-19. At the age of 52, he was admitted to the Paraiso unit at Sancta Maggiore Hospital, in São Paulo, on Saturday night (19).

The information was first published by journalist Anselmo Joyce, of the newspaper O Globo, this Sunday (20), and confirmed by the news With hospital center staff. According to the columnist, the artist’s health condition is sensitive.

In December 2020, Cardoso Jr. protested alone against the measures taken by the São Paulo government to prevent the spread of Covid-19 infection by extending the quarantine into the second half of the month.

He took to the streets with blue underwear tied to his face and wearing underwear as a protective mask. At the time, he posted a video on Instagram, which had already been removed from his profile, in which he said:

I’m going out on the street with this [a cueca]Because no one cares about your health, no one has ever worn your mask. I’m going to wear underwear on my face to prove it’s not the mask. When they say they have to back off, they want to break companies.

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The actor wore underwear as a mask

The representative also stated, in another post, that the procedure did not respect the health safety protocol against the disease. “It shows that my underwear is much more functional and has a lot more fabric than the R$0.50 mask they want me to wear,” the artist said.

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