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Datena se emocionou no "Brasil Urgente" (Foto: Reprodução/Band)

Datina gives news about the health of her 6-year-old granddaughter: “She was very dangerous”

Datina opened the game about the health of her 6-year-old granddaughter, who has been hospitalized, during Brasil Urgente’s “Brasil Urgente” live broadcast.

Datena Proved to be more peaceful Regarding the granddaughter’s health, during the start of “Brazil Urgent”, by Band, this Wednesday (26). in conversation with Katia Fonsecain the “Best Afternoon” window, the journalist showed a calmer face after frightening viewers with tense news about his granddaughter.

The “Best Afternoon” presenter started the interaction today to highlight how her colleague was doing better after getting so scared. Without going into detail about what took Camila, 6, to the hospital, the veteran was emotional when he reported the little girl’s improvement during the conversation.

“It was very dangerous […] It was just good news, she’s already been released, and she can go home. But you’ll be staying here for another two weeks just in case, you understand? But it has already been released. I am indebted to the doctors, to Carlinho, to Davi, to Francisco, to Dr. Fabiolo and to all the hospital staff in Syria-Lebanon,” declared Datina.

grandpa case

The journalist spoke the day before about the problem of a granddaughter living on the program. The girl had been hospitalized all this time and left a real strain on the family, especially on her passionate grandfather. Yesterday, he told the audience about the good news he received about Camila.

So much emotion

“Boy, I’m so excited, I got a message here. I usually only get bad news on my cell phone, and that was great. My granddaughter had an appointment now, and after 40 days in the hospital, with grave danger she’s been through, my son Vicente said:” Dad, there is only good news here, when you get home, I will let you know,” said the veteran.

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Datina and Katia Fonseca talked about the presenter's granddaughter (Image: clone/orchestra)
Datina and Katia Fonseca talked about the presenter’s granddaughter (Image: clone/orchestra)

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