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Data science in health helps with decision making; “Mubasher” discusses the topic this Tuesday (1)

Jan 31 2022 – 1:40 pm
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Daniel Araújo – Ascom ESP / CE

Data science in health has changed the way managers make decisions, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is a revolution that involves developing a new understanding of health care at the individual and societal level. The College of Public Health of Ceará Paulo Marcelo Martins Rodriguez (ESP/CE), associated with the State Health Department (Sesa), implements in this to haveTuesday (1), another health ESP chat. Edition, with subject Data science for health, you will move by Official ESP/CE profile on Instagram (@espceara)Starting at 7:30 pm.

The virtual meeting will be attended by Director of ESP/CE, Marcelo Alcantara, Chief Health Scientist for Ceará and Coordinator of the Center for Intelligence in State Health (Cisec) and Chief Health Scientist for Ceará, José Xavier Neto. The conversation will be moderated by the Center for Health Counseling (Ceesa), Luciana Rocha.

During the presentation, Directors will discuss the major contributions and trends involving applications of data science in health, as well as talk about how the topic can help deliver region-related services in Ceará, especially in the public sector. . An example of this use in the state administration is the development of Cisec activities.

Created to capture, process and analyze information relevant to the health of Ceará residents in their most comprehensive contexts, the center aims to produce intelligence for Sesa and ESP/CE – using information technologies and artificial intelligence. The intent is to accelerate the country’s journey towards high levels of human and social development.

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data science

Data science can be defined as a set of strategies, techniques, and tools for data collection and analysis carried out by multidisciplinary teams typically made up of researchers in the fields of statistics, mathematics, and computer science.


Papo Saúde ESP – Data Science for Health
Guests: Marcelo Alcantara, ESP/CE Supervisor; José Xavier Neto, Chief Health Scientist for Ceará and Coordinator of the Ceará State Health Intelligence Center (CySec).
when: to haveTuesday (1) from 7:30 pm
arrive to ESP / CE profile on Instagram