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Danilo Gentili ordered a payment of R $ 7,000 to PSL subsidiary

Danilo Gentili ordered a payment of R $ 7,000 to PSL subsidiary

Danilo Gentili was sentenced to compensation PSL subsidiary, Clau de Luca, R $ 7,000, but appealed the decision.

SBT presenter said on Twitter, in August 2019, to ensure that the robots (robots created to perform repetitive and automated tasks on the Internet) and mavs (short to designate “ militia for virtual attacks ”) for the bolsonarista ward were paid with money

Clau and Gentili started a discussion after the post and went to court to obtain moral damages and withdraw the presenter on the social network.

Judge Tice Helena Fiorini Barbosa Gentile was ordered to pay damages of R $ 7,000, delete the offending post and refused the retraction request.

“The amount takes into account not only the inconvenience caused to the plaintiff and its social repercussions, but also the economic situation of the defendant. On the other hand, I refuse the request to retract in the same place where the violation was published given that removing the offensive message is sufficient to stop the harmful effects of the publication and that fixed compensation is sufficient. To compensate for the damages caused to the plaintiff outside the balance sheet, “the judge said in her decision.

Claw’s defense appealed the decision, and the judge upheld it. Danilo Gentili has also appealed and a new hearing is scheduled for May 14.

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Required by TwitterDanilo and Clau are yet to return to the letters.