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Daniel Alves’ wife records video: ‘We passed, thank you’

Daniel Alves’ wife records video: ‘We passed, thank you’

Joanna Sanz, player’s wife Daniel AlvesOn the night of Friday, March 3, he used social networks to thank the messages he received on social networks.

“Hi guys. I’m just passing by to say thank you. I’m getting beautiful messages from Brazil, full of love, full of passion. Really thank you very much. I’ll try to speak more Portuguese. I know Spanish is hard, but my Portuguese is also very difficult, with that accent. I’ll really try.” He said “thank you”.

Daniel Alves prison

In the early morning hours of Friday, January 20, Daniel Alves was arrested in Spain after he gave evidence regarding his accusation of sexual harassment. The right-back went to the police station and left with a car shortly after. El País has learned that the player will be transferred to the City of Justice in Barcelona, ​​where his temporary status will be decided by the judge while the case is investigated.

The case allegedly took place on 30 December last year at Sutton nightclub and the alleged victim denounced the player two days later. The woman alleged that Daniel Alves touched her under her underwear without her consent.

Currently, Daniel Alves plays for the Pumas, from Mexico, and according to El País, the team is not aware of the athlete’s current situation, as they were counting on him for the weekend match.

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