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Dania Mendez leaves BBB 23’s house and promises to look for Cara de Sabato outside

Mexico’s Dania Mendes, from “La casa de los amigos”, ended her participation in Big Brother Brasil early. The sister was the victim of alleged harassment by co-stars MC GuimĂȘ and shoe faceAnd which ended up getting him kicked off the programme. Before leaving the house, the woman announced that she would try to talk to the fighter after the program.

The sister said goodbye to the BBB 23 participants on Friday. After the two brothers were expelled, it was very emotional. At the conclusion of the exchange, Dania insisted on saying goodbye to everyone present in the most guarded house in Brazil.

– thank you all. Let’s keep in touch. I will follow everyone on Instagram. I’ll look for Sapatito, – said the Mexican woman.

Shortly after leaving the program, participant Domitilla Barros shared with other participants that Dania spoke with the producer of the Mexican program before leaving BBB 23.

– When I went to talk to the giva [chefe, em espanhol], they asked: “If you want to stop and go back now, you can.” And she said, “No, I’m here.” I think a lot of things happened and they decided to stop the experiment, – said the sister.

During leader MC GuimĂȘ’s party last Wednesday, the rapper and Cara de Sapato starred in controversial scenes with the Mexican. The images prompted viewers to point out their actions as potential nuisances within the home, and the show’s production complied by firing them.

It is also worth noting that the images also led the authorities in Rio de Janeiro to open an investigation against the actions of the two brothers inside the most guarded house in Brazil.

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