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Curitiba makes mandatory vaccination of municipal employees against Covid-19

Curitiba makes mandatory vaccination of municipal employees against Covid-19

became Curitiba Compulsory vaccination Municipal employees in the capital against COVID-19. According to the city council, the procedure follows the guidelines of the Technical and Medical Ethics Committee of the Municipal Health Department and has The goal is to promote universal immunization in the city. This procedure was validated by Decree No. 1380/2021.

According to the municipal administration, there are 28 thousand active public employees, most of whom provide direct services to the population. The decree confirms that it is up to the municipality Ensuring the population’s right to health. Managers must put in place measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in the city.

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According to the document, the municipal agents who were already Summoned on time Vaccination should be subject to the full vaccination schedule, with full compliance with the period of immunization. Those who have already been summoned, but have not attended for vaccination should Provide a medical justification Proof of a contraindication to the vaccine – a procedure that will be evaluated by medical expertise.

The decree covers Servers in effective and commissioning positions and those appointed through the Simplified Selection Process (PSS) to the direct administration of the municipality, self-employed and public-law institutions.

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According to the city council, a server’s refusal to vaccinate against Covid-19, without just cause, would constitute health violation, which may lead to appropriate administrative measures – ensures a contradictory and complete defense and due process of law.

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