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Cumbre Vieja: The volcano is entering a "scandalous" phase and the trend is towards strong eruptions |  Globalism

Cumbre Vieja: The volcano is entering a “scandalous” phase and the trend is towards strong eruptions | Globalism

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Cumbre Vieja: The volcano enters the stage of “agitation” and a tendency to strong eruptions

NS Cumbre Vieja volcano in La Palma
On Tuesday (28) it entered a new phase known as “smoothness” capable of causing powerful explosions. A large flow of lava descending from the main cone is also forming through paths previously opened by magma, after a day when volcanic activity had ceased for hours since it erupted nine days ago.

According to the Volcanic Institute of the Canary Islands (Involcan), Cumbre Vieja generates gravitational waves in the atmosphere. Officials point out that the lava should reach the ocean within a few hours. Experts said the expelled ash is already affecting the sea floor.

More than 1,000 homes have been affected

Magma has so far destroyed 589 homes and partially damaged nearly 700 others, covering an area of ​​258 hectares, according to data released today by the Copernicus Program. The government will give 10.5 million euros to the Canary Islands, about half of which will go towards the purchase of 107 homes for the affected families. The rest will cover the purchase of basic needs items.

According to Involcan spokesperson David Calvo, in the new phase of the volcano, the trend is that there will be fewer eruptions, but with more streamlined and faster lava, classified as “Hawaiian.” Since the last dawn, Cumbre Vieja has been expelling lava nonstop, making it easier for magma to reach the sea.

This Monday, Cumbre Vega is back to throwing ash and lava back after two hours of calm. The new seismic activity was recorded late in the morning with a large plume of smoke coming out and accompanied by sporadic explosions. The Scientific Committee of the Volcanic Emergency Plan for the Canary Islands (Pivolca) met to analyze the latest developments around the volcano, after experts discovered that the earthquake had fallen to a point that “almost disappeared”.

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The smoke has reached Europe

The cloud of smoke emerging from Cumbre Vieja reached Europe on Sunday. Satellite images showed emissions from the eruption over the territory of Spain and France. The prediction is that sulfur dioxide emissions will reach the North Pole this Tuesday.

Involcan estimates that the volcano has released between 8,000 and 10,500 tons of toxic gas per day. However, despite the large amount, the emissions of the volcano were carried by wind currents into the upper layers of the atmosphere.

Cumbre Vieja activity began last Sunday, which has not happened since 1971. According to Involcan, an eruption of Cumbre Vieja can last from 24 to 84 days. The projection takes into account data from previous eruptions on the island of La Palma. The average duration of the phenomenon is 55 days.