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Cumber Vega: The highly toxic gases emitted from the volcano are expected to reach other countries |  Globalism

Cumber Vega: The highly toxic gases emitted from the volcano are expected to reach other countries | Globalism


The consequences of the Comber Vega outbreak will appear in other countries

a Cumbre Vieja volcano eruption, in La Palma, Spain
This is expected to affect even the countries of the African continent, after the volcano emits large amounts of sulfur dioxide, a highly toxic gas.

The chemical compound should reach part of the Iberian Peninsula, consisting of Portugal and Spain and almost the entire length of Morocco and Tunisia, and could reach the coasts of France, Italy, Algeria and Libya, according to the Copernicus satellite system, operated by the European Union (HUH).

NS The colorless gas can irritate the airways on contact with the human body and even cause breathing difficulties.
. In some cases, it can also cause irritation of the skin and mucous membranes, coughing and nausea.

Expectations indicate that sulfur dioxide will be present in the atmosphere next Friday (24), according to a picture published in the official account of the observing system. Higher indices of the substance will be observed on the Moroccan Atlantic coast, the Spanish coast on the Mediterranean, southern Sardinia, northern Sicily, and the Tunisian coast.

To a lesser extent, the complex will also be observed in half of Spain, southern France, the western coast of Italy, the French island of Corsica and the entire Mediterranean coast of Africa, as well as in the interior of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya.

On Tuesday (21) the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) detected sulfur dioxide reaching peaks of 20 parts per billion, up to 400 times above the “normal value” in that region, at an altitude of 2,371 metres, at the Center for Atmospheric Research Izaña in Tenerife. A spokesperson for the agency, however, said the amount “does not pose a health risk” because it is “a specific measure” and because it is “within the limits of good air quality.”

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acid rain

In addition to changes in the air, acid rain is also expected in the next few hours in the archipelago of the Canary Islands, where the island of La Palma is located, due to volcano eruption
, Spanish AEMET informed

Agency spokesman Ruben del Campo said he had “not yet ruled out” the possibility of acid rain in the north and east. Canary Islands
, which are more mountainous areas.

This phenomenon must be due to the high concentration of emitted sulfur dioxide, which can produce sulfuric acid upon contact with the atmosphere. However, these rains will be weak and scattered.

– With information from the EFE . Agency