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CS: GO has a new peak for simultaneous players and unboxing RECORD

CS: GO has a new peak for simultaneous players and unboxing RECORD

One of the most popular and popular games today, “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” (“CS: GO”), has achieved an impressive milestone: 1.8 million concurrent players.

Since its release in 2012, ‘CS:GO’ has garnered an enthusiastic fan base around the world, fascinated by its strategic, competitive and exciting gameplay.

So, with professional teams playing in exciting leagues and an active community of casual players, the game continues to attract an impressive number of enthusiasts.

Achieving this huge amount of simultaneous players is a testament to the continued appeal of “CS: GO,” even after more than a decade in existence.

‘CS: GO’ is a success among unknown players and celebrities

Photo: Lutsenko_Oleksandr/Shutterstock

The game recorded the largest spike in concurrent players since the start of the pandemic. According to information from SteamDBThe platform registered more than 1.9 million simultaneous players last Saturday (6).

Moreover, the new record came after the recent announcement of “Counter-Strike 2”. The title, which was released in March, is supposed to show an evolution in its technologies and features of “CS: GO”, which has been more than a decade since its release.

The game has become very popular among the fans of the game, more so for being one of the favorites of celebrities such as Neymar, the football star.

Last month, Neymar met with the “CS: GO” player considered the best of the decade, Ukrainian Oleksandr (s1mple). The athlete welcomed the player to his home, and the two spent the night at matches. This type of meeting enhances the visibility of the game even more.

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CS:GO puts players into teams of terrorists and counter-terrorists, and must accomplish specific objectives on different maps. The game is known for its tactical gameplay, fast pace, and focus on teamwork.

In addition to the competitive mode, “CS: GO” offers casual modes, custom matches, training and a good competitive esports scene with professional leagues around the world.