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Crystal Dynamics, from Tomb Raider, is affected by layoffs

Crystal Dynamics, from Tomb Raider, is affected by layoffs

Former employees of Crystal Dynamics, the studio known for the Tomb Raider franchise and Marvel’s Avengers, have confirmed a wave of layoffs. The case will be another series of contract terminations involving the Swedish Embracer Group.

In June this year, the developer issued a memo stating that it would not be affected by the company’s restructuring. But after a few months, the opposite happens and a real “bloodbath” is revealed within the holding company.

On social media, several former Crystal Dynamics members spoke about their farewells. Nick Edwards, who served as Senior Brand Manager, shared a message commenting on the impact this strategy had on talent and veterans.

Unfortunately, layoffs continue at Embracer, and I and many of the talented branding/marketing professionals at Crystal are affected. If anyone needs a business/bar, product or marketing lead, please get in touch. Additionally, I have public relations, project management, 2D art, and video editing that I would like to offer.

The new Tomb Raider may be affected by layoffs at Crystal Dynamics

With the decision made by Embracer Group executives, the development of the new Tomb Raider may be directly affected. Recently, the website for the series was updated by the creative team, but there is no indication when it will be revealed.

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It is worth noting that the studio is just one of the studios affected by the restructuring of the group. In recent weeks, Gearbox’s Borderlands has been involved in staff layoffs, while Saints Row’s Volition has been permanently shut down.

So far, Crystal Dynamics has not commented on this issue.