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Crysis Remastered recebe upgrade to Xbox Series X / S e PlayStation 5 • Eurogamer.pt

Crysis Remastered recebe upgrade to Xbox Series X / S e PlayStation 5 • Eurogamer.pt

Update 11/4/21: We’ve spent the last few days testing the Crysis Remastered update for the PlayStation 5 and we can confirm that, in general, we’re seeing the same results for Sony as on the Xbox Series X, with some changes caused by the fact that the PS5 preserves the resolution settings for each mode, as found in PlayStation 4 Pro – A common situation in so-called “backward compatible” titles.

We can confirm that the resolution and performance goals mentioned in our original article remain true: the Performance and Ray Tracking modes aim for 60fps at 1080p, while Quality Mode aims for a maximum of 1800p with the same aspirations at 60fps. However, the dynamic resolution scale has a full effect in this title and the results in the real game are quite variable. As you will see in the video included below, you can make the differences between the different modes somewhat difficult. Finally, for those interested in the Series X comparisons, the PlayStation 5 generally runs smoother than the Series X, possibly due to the lower-resolution goals. This is especially evident in ray tracing mode. However, the X Series has an advantage in terms of accuracy.

However, delivering an experience that was already blocked at 60fps seems to exceed both versions and the reasons for this are interesting. In the table below, we share some theories about this – I recommend checking out.

Crysis Remastered: Alex Battaglia and John Linneman meet again to discuss PlayStation 5 updates.

creative: Crysis Remastered is debugged with support for New Wave consoles and Digital Foundry has access to Xbox Series X and Series S updates before launch. Due to the way backward-compatible titles are distributed, we can’t verify the PlayStation 5 version until its release, but thankfully the wait shouldn’t be long: Today we were notified that the patch has already been released – and we’ll update this article with impressions From PS5 as soon as possible.

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is similar to Update 2.1 was released from the PC version recentlyThere are many additions, modifications and improvements to the game as well as support for new controllers. One of the most important aspects of the update menu is the inclusion of the Ascension level, which is the taxing phase that was previously completely removed from all console releases. We also welcome the inclusion of the Nanosuit swap mode more in harmony with the original PC (this may have come in a previous update, but it definitely wasn’t there at launch – regardless, it’s a great feature and it works well).

However, there is a feeling that we still lack some of the features found in the 2007 game, which were removed for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 releases and which have not yet been restored to Crysis Remastered. The accuracy of the destructions found in the original has yet to be corrected, the scale has not yet been corrected at the original PC level and this effect is completely absent in the Revived Ascent stage, although in the PC there is a version of Crysis Remastered. Other features of OG Crysis are also redesigned or absent: the botanical animation still runs at a lower refresh speed than the rest of the game, while the explosions still don’t affect the foliage.

Crysis Remastered on Xbox Series consoles receives the Complete DF Treatment, Courtesy of John Linneman and Alex Battaglia.

However, the main feature of the update is support for the new generation of console hardware, with each of the Xbox Series consoles benefiting from some interesting updates. Performance mode is up to 1080p at 60 fps on the two Xbox, while quality mode is up to 2160p at 60 fps on the X series and a maximum of 30 fps on the S series. However, ray tracing mode works at its max. 1440 pixels 60 on the device. Series X has a maximum 1080p30 on a micro console. The question really is to what extent these performance goals are being met during the game, even with dynamic resolution metrics included to facilitate hard-to-view content.

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Let us dwell on putting quality first. When I first played in the X series, my visualization was a very smooth experience, as I was playing on an LG CX OLED screen with VRR enabled. In my opinion, this provides the best Crysis Remastered experience on Xbox consoles – it’s great! However, VRR appears to be doing quite a bit of weightlifting here: without the active function, we’re looking for something a little more consistent with a 50-60 fps experience. I prefer seeing DRS window magnified to our rounded 60fps constant. What about Xbox Series S? I feel 2160p is a very high target, even with a 30fps limit – there are a lot of drops and at this low frame rate, VRR just can’t help the experience.

Alex is revisiting Crysis Remastered on PC with its 2.1 update, which introduced DLSS and a lot of other interesting features.

The Performance Mode is much smoother in the X Series, it’s closer to 60fps constant, and you imagine with a much lower subject resolution. However, there are still some performance drops in busy areas – which is surprising, given the exorbitant level of CPU and GPU that gets thrown into the game. The S series? It’s a disappointment, as it runs between 40-50 fps. This is generally better than the Xbox One X running in the same mode, but there was always a feeling we were capped at the CPU, and it’s a bottleneck that shouldn’t be applied to the Series S. It’s a bit confusing, to be honest. Beam tracking mode doesn’t hit the target well for X Series owners: it’s the lowest-performing mode ever, with the highest target droplets at 60fps, so much so that even a VRR screen can’t facilitate the experience. Interestingly, for a Series S with its 1080p30 target, this works really well – it’s definitely the most consistent Crysis experience on a low-end Xbox console.

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So, in the end, we couldn’t fulfill the 60fps dream on Xbox Series consoles with this new update – and given the performance levels achieved on the Xbox One X, that’s a little disappointing. However, the experience is still impressive: the X-Series’s quality mode when paired with a VRR capable screen definitely works. As for the PlayStation 5 – we’ll analyze it as soon as the game updates but it’s still in pre-release, Crytek told us to expect 1080p60 in Performance modes and RT and 1800p60 in Quality mode – all with a dynamic resolution, of course. These resolution limits are related to the equivalent PS4 Pro output, if you’re wondering why it’s inferior to the X Series. This seems to be a limitation of the PS5’s backward compatibility feature – but we’ll check it more than once in order to inform you of global performance as quickly as possible.