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Cruzeiro's president addresses a mass for his 101st birthday and boos at the church: "Vacilão" |  Sea trip

Cruzeiro’s president addresses a mass for his 101st birthday and boos at the church: “Vacilão” | Sea trip

Cruzeiro president, Sergio Santos Rodriguez, was booed during the club’s 101st anniversary mass, on Sunday noon. The leader went up to the altar to speak and spoke for five minutes. However, he had to cut short his speech due to his mockery and cursing. At the end of the speech, some of those present shouted: (See the video above).

Before Sergio went up to the altar to speak, Father Gelson de Oliveira Filho, who was organizing mass, requested that any demonstration, even one in support of the club, be organized outside the church, but to no avail.

It was none other than Sergio Santos Rodriguez who started his talk that jeers appeared in the church. Some fans asked for silence and respect. Sergio said to the jeers and amid the priest’s request for silence:

Well, it’s part of democracy.

Sergio Santos Rodriguez attends mass in memory of Cruzeiro – Photo: Guilherme Macedo/TV Globo

Sergio took charge of the club in mid-2020, and since then, he has been criticized by fans. He was elected to the following three-year term, having run the club for six months, following the resignation of Wagner Perez de Saa, in December 2019, following his downfall in Series B and the Federal Police investigation.

The new owner of the club will be in Belo Horizonte to celebrate the club’s anniversary. However, he tested positive for Covid-19 and had to self-isolate. The public club starts without a coach and under changes. Since the management of Ronaldo began, there have been a series of layoffs in the football department. Coach Vanderley Luxembourg has also left.

Cruzeiro is working with the possibility of announcing the new coach and new coach before the team’s presentation, on Tuesday, the fourth, and the team’s start to the season will be on January 26, in Campionato Mineiro.