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Cruzeiro loses in the Brazilian Cup and extends his fast against Remo

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Cruzeiro lost the first leg of the third round of the Copa del Rey, 2-1

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Cruzeiro’s last victory over Remo in the first stage of the Copa Brasil – the former name of Brasileirao – was in 1979. It was held on October 10 of that year, in Mineirao, and the match ended with a score of 3-0 against Raposa. Joao Zinho, Mauro Madureira and Roberto Cesar scored the winning goals.

Since then, the two teams have faced each other eight times, with Remo having six wins and two draws in the period. In total, Cruzeiro played against Liao do Norte thirteen times – a record of two wins, four draws and seven defeats.

Watch the result of all the matches between Cruzeiro and Remo over the years:

First place: Cruzeiro 8 x 1 Remo (Minerao) – friendly in 1970

2nd place: Rowing 2 x 2 Cruzeiro (Bainão) – Brazilian Championship 1972

Third place: Cruzeiro 0 x 0 Remo (Mineirao) – Brazilian Championship 1975

4th place: Rowing 4 x 0 Cruzeiro (Bainão) – Brazil 1977

5th: Cruzeiro 3 x 0 Remo (Mineirao) – Brazilian Championship 1979

6th: Cruzeiro 0 x 0 Remo (Mineirao) – Brazil 1980

7th: Rowing 2 x 1 Cruzeiro (Mangueirao) – Brazil 1994

8th place: Cruzeiro 0 x 1 Remo (Mineirao) – Brazil 1994

Ninth place: Remo 0 x 0 Cruzeiro (Mangueirao) – Brazil 1994

Tenth: Cruzeiro 1 x 5 Remo (Mineirao) – Brazil 1994

11th place: Rowing 1 x 0 Cruzeiro (Bainau) – 2021 Series B

Twelfth: Kayaking Journey 1×3 (Independence) – 2021 Series B

13th place: Remo 2 x 1 Cruzeiro (Baenão) – 2022 Copa do Brasil

Cruzeiro’s defeat by Remo in the Copa del Rey

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