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Cruzeiro do Sul mayor believes Bolsonaro was negligent in denying science in the pandemic ac24horas.com

Cruzeiro do Sul mayor believes Bolsonaro was negligent in denying science in the pandemic ac24horas.com

The beginning of summer has begun and the city of Brazil is ramping up work to improve branches and build bridges. The extension at the 19th kilometer in Bega Fogo is an example. About 100 km of branches have been completed between the main and subsidiary branches. The branch was given priority because of the Light for All program that will now start in early August with the installation of poles and the city council is making improvements to make it easier for rural producers to work and improve access to residents, and is also already thinking about the return of classes already scheduled to resume in September.

On Thursday, the 22nd, Secretary of Labor, Lima Andrade, Finance Minister Tado Hassem, and Branch Coordinator, Jose Alvani, visited the Pega Fogo branch, where services are being cleaned and shaken.

Tadao Hassem highlighted work on the extensions “Mayor Fernanda Hassem has outlined improvements here on Line 12, where families have struggled for years in the winter due to stream flooding, and now we will start work by City Hall, with a higher standard and bridge building that wins and the community,” he said.

Resident Dejanio Lima, who lives in the Pega Fogo extension, said there has been no improvement like this in the extension. “We are grateful for all that Mayor Fernanda has done, classes are due to start in September, and we say we never expected an improvement to this level here in our community, and the heavy machinery here to implement services,” he said.

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The principal of the Valdomero Barroso School, Professor Edson, was accompanying the visits, considering that students study at the school and need transportation and security. “Even as these pandemic matters develop, we are pleased to see the Pega Fogo branch ready so that school transportation can bring our students safely, and I thank Mayor Fernanda Hassem for the investment that will help our school so much,” he concluded.

In addition to visiting the Pega Fogo branch, the team met with the community on Line 12, to improve the branch’s critical points, especially at about one kilometer on the banks of the Entre Rio stream, which leaves residents isolated in the winter. With floods, a survey service will be conducted on site, cleaning part of the stream so that the water can drain and a bridge built.

“By the determination of our Director Fernanda Hassem and I and Finance Minister Tadu Hassem, we were on line 12, and we will meet the community’s demand, a commitment that management has returned to and Tadeau and I have come to sign this Mayor’s commitment. Recovery is set to begin as soon as possible so that residents can winter From ensuring access from winter to summer,” stressed the Secretary of Works, Lima Andrade.