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Cruzeiro chief does not allow appeal to pay arrears and end strike |  Sea trip

Cruzeiro chief does not allow appeal to pay arrears and end strike | Sea trip

In a morning/early afternoon business meeting on Friday, Cruzeiro President said, Sérgio Santos Rodrigues was unable to provide the resources to repay the arrears with players and staff. The manager keeps trying to get help. There will be a new meeting, until next Monday, to try to move the topic forward. And so the athletes’ strike continues until the second moment.

according to GiveThe videoconference meeting lasted around 2 am between the president, members of the board of directors, and a group of businessmen and executives of the bank. But no agreement has been reached on the amount to be raised or the form. Initially, the value offered by Cruzeiro was R$32 million.

It is estimated that, of this amount, at least 20 million Brazilian reais will be used to pay off the arrears this year, last year and to close the current season with no outstanding issues with representatives and staff. But there is a divergence regarding the uniform and necessary amount of advancement

Sergio Santos Rodriguez Cruz – Photo: Fernando Moreno / AGIF

Another part of the sum will be important for the club to settle another important issue: debts at FIFA. Fox needs to pay R$14m to re-register athletes. Today, the club suffers from travel ban No new players can be registered. This directly affects planning for 2022.

One of the main sponsors of the club, Pedro Lourenco did not participate in the meeting. He is on a personal trip abroad.

Cruzeiro players arrive in Toca da Raposa – Photo: Giotto Rabelo

The club card in the sleeve to raise the value involves negotiating with a key athlete. attacker Tiago awakens the interest of a Japanese clubThe Celestial Team hopes to sell it for the money that goes into the house.

this afternoon, The president meets some of the cast leaders.NS, such as Fábio, Rafael Sobis, Rômulo and Eduardo Brock. Vanderley Luxembourg is also present in Borough this afternoon. Other players from the squad also arrived at CT in the early afternoon, such as defender Leo Santos, Caceres, Ariel Cabral, Jean Victor and Claudinho.

Toca da Raposa while the player is stopped – Photo: Guto Rabelo / TV Globo

And social networking sites announced the strike last Wednesday, a day after a goalless draw with Botafogo, where Cruzeiro got 39 points, in eleventh place in the second division, and the players intend to end the strike only when the club pays the arrears.

Heavenly President, Sergio Santos Rodriguez, has been abroad since Sunday and returned to Belo Horizonte on Thursday. Since then, he has spoken behind the scenes to be able to raise the amount of money the club needs to pay salaries.

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