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Cruzeiro breaks his own overall record for "new" independence;  see numbers

Cruzeiro breaks his own overall record for “new” independence; see numbers

The match against Remo, which earned Cruzeiro qualification for the last 16 of the Copa del Rey, wasn’t just great for the club on the pitch. Outside, she’s had good numbers – Thursday’s match (12) broke Raposa’s attendance record at the Arena Independência following a 2012 renovation and still generates good income for the coffers.

22,158 fans were present at the Horto stadium. The previous record was precisely in the last confrontation, on Sunday (8), against Grêmio, for Campeonato Brasileiro Série B: 21,831 people present. Third place also from 2022: against Villa Nova, for Campeonato Mineiro, when 19,616 players saw the team draw 2-2.

Prior to that, the records were from 2012, the year the Estadio America reopened: Cruzeiro x Atlético (17901), Cruzeiro x Figuernese (17883) and Cruzeiro x Sao Paulo (17,695). All of these games were for the first division.

In this match against Remo, which was decided by penalty kicks, the box office revenue was R$607,930.50. Excluding operating expenses, Ronaldo Phenomeno’s net income was R$301,857.28. For Grêmio, the R value was $324,079.84.

The Celestial team was playing in Independência due to the unavailability of Mineirão, the stage of artistic events. At the beginning of the year, the SAF investor complained about the rising costs of Gigante da Pampulha, so he sent some matches to Indepa. Subsequently, through talks with Minas Arena, the situation was partially resolved, however, the contract between the club and the manager for this season has not yet been signed.