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Cruzeiro beats Corinthians and has the second best average attendance in Serie A

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Cruzeiro overtook Corinthians and reached the second place in the rankings for the best average audience of Series A and B of the Brazilian Championship.

Praised by the competitors, Cruzeiro fans reached the second place in the average fan rating in the first and second series and the Brazilian Championship.

With nearly 50 thousand attendees in Mineirao for a 1-0 win over Bahia, this Saturday (23), the Celestial team outperformed Corinthians. Now, he only loses to Flamengo. Palmeiras and Atletico, in that order, complete the top five.

So far, most of the clubs playing in the Italian league have sent nine matches in their fields. Cruzeiro has 10 points. And Raposa could only be surpassed by one more match by Corinthians, who host Botafogo next Saturday (30).

If Sao Paulo’s 41,900 fans score at New Coimica – which has happened in just two Serie A rounds so far – Parque São Jorge will once again overtake Raposa in the average standings.

The figures in the ‘Tickets Used’ column per match limits, provided by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) were taken into account in the survey. For matches for which this document has not yet been issued, the numbers published by the clubs were used.

in history

Cruzeiro numbers attract attention. Since 2006, when the Serie B title race began with consecutive points, the highest average attendance has been from Atletico (31922). Today, Fox scored 38,344.

In absolute numbers, according to a site survey soccer wormsAtlético had 606,518 fans in the 19 matches it was at home in the second division. So far, Cruzeiro has played 383.442 out of 10.

So, if they get an average of 25,000 fans in the nine matches they will still have on their home ground, Raposa will beat his arch rival.

possible barrier

However, to continue scoring big fans, Cruzeiro will need to make Mineirão available. Although it has agreed to a contract To ban appointments with Minas Arena, which operates the stadium, the club may have to leave Gigante for some games due to music events.
The Brazilian Confederation has already confirmed, for example, that the match between Cruzeiro and Chapecoense, on August 13 (Saturday), for the 24th round, It will be held at Mane Garrincha Stadium, in Brasilia. On the same date, Mineirao will host the Historia Show, which brings together great names in country music.

In this version of Série B, Cruzeiro had already had to submit the match against Grêmio – one of the competition’s most attractive games – for the sixth round at Independientia. At that time, Mineirão was the stage for Metallica concerts and Festival Brasil Sertanejo.

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