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Cruzeiro attacks the return of Alexandre Matos in 2022

Cruzeiro attacks the return of Alexandre Matos in 2022

Raposa’s board of directors is approaching, according to the football chief executive, for next season. He wants Pedro Lourenco to be active behind the scenes

Alexandre Matos is close to an agreement with Cruzeiro. After meetings with the club over the past few days, he decided to return to the position of Executive Director of Football for the next season.

The manager is adjusting some details to take up the role in 2022. He will have the task of managing the sport alongside Vanderlei Luxembourgo at Toca da Raposa II.

The main detail remaining for Matos’ return to the club is the behind-the-scenes presence of Pedro Lourenço, the team’s sponsor through Supermercados BH. The manager wants the businessman to act directly in football for the team in 2022.

Talks about his return are in full swing and should conclude in the next few days. Although he lives in the United States, where he is studying to return to football, Matos should already begin working alongside Luxembourg in forming the team that will be contested next season.

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