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Cruise: Naguib violates the agreement, and the consultants charge the balance of shipping

Chairman of the Cruzeiro deliberations council, Naguib Symes, Breached an agreement and still hasn’t sent the club’s financial results in 2020 to board members.

In an email sent on April 14, the representative promised that documents will be with colleagues until 20 (last Tuesday).

“On April 13th, we held, by public notice, the regular meeting of the deliberation board on April 29, to approve the 2020 accounts. Strangely, it was referred to all managers without the balance due (inheritance), but a Promising until 20Luis Carlos Rodriguez, a natural advisor, informed.

“Today, April 22, no balance sheet was submitted. Inefficiency or practice of non-compliance with the statute?” The consultant asked in the text sent in the report.

“Here is my strong protest, as my vote was not recorded, my protocols were not received, and my referrals to the Ombudsman were never heard. This is the new” old ” Sea tripHe added in a rebellious tone.

Consultants’ apprehension was due, in particular, to the short period of time for analyzing the numbers. The balance assessment meeting is scheduled to take place on April 29 (Thursday). Expect Cruzeiro’s debt total to be around R $ 1 billion.

the other side

After the report was published, Naguib sent a new report to the council members (read in full below). In this, he blamed the company responsible for checking the balance for the delay and ensured that the document was delivered on Friday.

Dear Advisors,

We’ve sent an email to inform us that Balano will be sent to all board members until 20/04/2021, but there was a delay by Moore Audit, and as of tomorrow we have been asked to hand Balano over to the executive board of the deliberations board.

Once the balance is in our hands, it will be made available through emails to all managers.

We depend on everyone’s understanding.


Board of Directors of the deliberations board

The report was updated at 5:36 pm on 4/22/2021