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CPF in Observation Increases Cerassa’s Score: Myth or Fact?

Has anyone ever asked you about Put the CPF into the note Or a tax slip at the time of making a purchase? There is a myth about this problem, as many people believe that the scale can increase the score of Serasa, that is, the score. But, in fact, credit protection agencies do not use this procedure in the factors that determine the outcome.

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However, some activities can significantly increase the chances of increasing a consumer’s credit score.

Learn more Serasa points

The Serasa score is a score that can range from 0 to 1000. The goal is to assess the credit risk a person represents. The points are determined by the Credit Protection Agency, which takes into account the following factors: debt history, active debt in a person’s name, and paying monthly bills on time, among other things.

Check the score rating between ‘low’ and ‘very good’:

Punctuation score evaluation
0 to 300 Few
301 to 500 Normal
From 501 to 700 Hassan
From 701 to 1000 very well

A good score in the result makes it easier to get loans, credit cards and finance. Check out some below Tips to improve your score:

  1. Pay your monthly debts like electricity, water, rent and internet bills on time.
  2. Consult the offers available at Serasa Limpa Nome and keep your name clean.
  3. Have accounts registered in your name and always pay them on time so that you are seen as a good payer.
  4. Don’t buy everything with cash, buying in installments increases the monitoring of the devices responsible for their behavior with debts.
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