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COVID-19: The UK opens the door to complete vaccination isolation

COVID-19: The UK opens the door to complete vaccination isolation

The UK is close to achieving a situation where fully vaccinated individuals can be excluded from isolation, the UK consultant on public health said on Sunday.

Susan Hopkins, one of Johnson’s top advisers on the response to infection, said a decision would be made following the results of a study using daily lateral flow tests as an alternative to isolation for 10 days after positive contact.

Hopkins told the BBC’s Andrew Mar program that the government would provide evidence that vaccinated people are less likely to spread the virus. “We have a resource base to guide government policy.”

Hopkins said the solution could be used to allow people to travel more freely. “I do not know when, but at some point in the future, I can imagine a situation where there are alternative ways to isolate those who have two doses of the vaccine.”

The consultant said the UK was watching the impact of the vaccine at key outbreaks, but stressed that infections were on the rise in other areas.

Hopkins said Delay in the final restoration phase This gives more time to get vaccinated and can prevent a situation similar to previous waves of the virus. “More time to vaccinate more people, to get two shot vaccines for as many people as possible.

Attorney General Robert Buckland said ministers did not reject loose restrictions on foreign travel and self-isolation for those who received the two-dose vaccine. “I think it’s absolutely right that experts like Susan Hopkins should remind us that evidence of total vaccine effectiveness is still being developed,” he said.

It’s so beautiful, it seems so inspiring, we try to be as flexible as we can. We will continue to review all of these plans and flexibility.. ”

Hopkins recommended that 70% of adults in the UK complete the Govt-19 vaccination by July 19.

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