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Covid-19 cases grow by more than 40% among those vaccinated in the UK |  The world

Covid-19 cases grow by more than 40% among those vaccinated in the UK | The world

Number Covit-19 patients No. UK According to a weekly survey conducted in the country, the number of unvaccinated and unused people is increasing.

A study by health firm Joe found that those who were partially or completely vaccinated in a week saw a 43% increase in the number of cases, according to a report in the Financial Times. Among the unknown, growth is 20%.

Joe uses an app to diagnose cases of the disease across the UK. Data is analyzed by Institutional Teams and King’s College London.

“Joe’s updated data shows that the number of Govt-19 cases continues to rise as the UK removes most of the restrictions,” said Tim Spector, a King’s College professor and leading scientist in the study. We must not forget the lessons of the epidemic in our rush to return to “normal life”. “

The app’s developers have modified the way UK-wide event rates are calculated.

Yesterday, British health officials said they had registered a further 44,104 new Govt-19 cases in the previous 24 hours, which had not been seen in the UK for months. A further 73 people died from the virus, a low number compared to other infections.

Last week, scientists urged Boris Johnson’s government to support plans to lift all restrictions on Govt – 19 in the UK amid an increase in cases caused by the Delta variant. However, the measures were relaxed last Monday as planned by the Prime Minister.

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