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Covid-19: Camaquã confirms 20 new cases on Tuesday

Covid-19: Camaquã confirms 20 new cases on Tuesday

This Tuesday, July 20, the city of Kamakawa recorded 20 new confirmed cases of the Covid-19 virus. With new confirmations, the city has reached 7,487 confirmed cases and 7,278 Kamakense has already recovered from the disease.

The new epidemiological bulletin confirmed the occurrence of new cases of Covid-19 in patients between the ages of 5 and 87 years.

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The good news is the decrease in the number of active cases in the latest epidemiological bulletins issued by the municipal health department, with a decrease from 133 to 64 active cases of the disease.

So far, the city has recorded 145 disease-related deaths. Click here and check out today’s newsletter.

There are 94 patients with flu-like symptoms being monitored.

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In terms of inpatients, Camaquã has 11 patients in intensive care unit (ICU) beds and none of them are in clinical beds.

Vaccination in Kamakawa

This week the Municipal Health Department began vaccinating new Covid-19 fans against Covid-19. The volume set a new schedule for Thursday (22) and Friday (23), covering patients of new ages.

After announcing the state health department, which would distribute new batches of the vaccine to municipalities, the immunization sector mobilized to set a new timetable.

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Secretary Renato Sanhudo and Chief Nurse Daniele Heine spoke in a video posted on Tuesday morning (20) about the new schedule.

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And so, at the Vegas Immunization Center, Thursday (22) health teams will see people 33 or older, and Friday (23) covered will be people 32 or older.

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