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COVID-19: Brazil has nearly 300,000 cases in 24 hours |  the health

COVID-19: Brazil has nearly 300,000 cases in 24 hours | the health


Covid-19 self-test with positive result

The number of people infected with the Covid-19 virus continues to rise in Brazil. According to the bulletin issued by the National Council of Health Trustees, the country recorded 269,968 new cases of the disease during the past 24 hours, and 799 deaths.

The moving average of deaths, which is considered for the past seven days, was 474. This is the highest number since October 5, when it was recorded at 483.

Regarding the moving average of new cases, the indicator of 183,289 is also unprecedented – never in the country’s pandemic history has the level of people infected with the disease been so high.

However, in some states it is possible to anticipate a possible slowdown, such as in São Paulo. Last November, the city had about 600 Covid cases per day, on average. With Micron entering the country, that number started to rise at the end of December, and on the 27th, it exceeded 1,000 daily cases.

Between January 11th and 18th, the average number of cases in São Paulo was more than 7,000, peaking on Day 13, when the average reached 8,240. This week, the average was in the order of 4000 daily cases, and gradually decreased. On 26, the index was at 4,124.

Experts predict that, as in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, we may soon see a decline in the number of cases. In these countries, the upward curve lasted from four to six weeks. After this peak, the fall happened quickly.

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