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Corvette wins 'most powerful in history' V8 version

Corvette wins ‘most powerful in history’ V8 version

The eighth-generation Chevrolet Corvette mid-engine got the best performance choice. The Corvette Z06 2023 features a 5.5-liter in-line V8 engine, generating up to 679 horsepower and 63.5 kg/m of torque. This will make this the LT6, the most powerful aspiration V8 available in a production vehicle to date.

Manufacturing is scheduled to begin in mid-2022, in the northern hemisphere summer.

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The model is offered in different aerodynamic packages, with carbon fiber wheels, brakes Carbon and a completely overhauled chassis for on-track performance.

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General Motors President Mark Royce has revealed that the model’s DNA is indeed a sporty performance. “More than power, the new LT6 engine is designed to complement every aspect of the Z06 track-focused performance experience. From 8600 rpm to competition-style dry oil, the induction and exhaust systems have been precisely tuned and this exudes an entirely new and emotional character.” .

“The key to the LT6’s performance capability is a lightweight, low-inertia rotary assembly rooted in an all-new flat crankshaft that allows the engine, combined with a relatively short stroke, to spin to its fullest range.”

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Outside the engine, the brakes have been increased — by 14.6 inches in the front and 15 in the rear — and the suspension structure has been reinforced with the standard Magnetic Ride Control 4.0 system. There is an adjustable rear spoiler to improve aerodynamic performance, as well as two packages to improve performance

The base features a larger front splitter and a longer rear spoiler, while the Z07 includes Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires customized for Z06, an upgraded suspension system with additional re-calibration of the standard Z06’s MRC 4.0 system, and Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes with larger rotors.

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