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Corinthians were defeated by Gremio and reached four matches without winning in the Brazilian U-20 team

Corinthians were defeated by Gremio and reached four matches without winning in the Brazilian U-20 team

Corinthians visited Grêmio on Saturday afternoon for the 11th round of the Brazilian U-20 Championship. At CT Helio Dourado, in Rio Grande do Sul, the match ended 2-1 for the home team. Kawi, once again, scored the goal for Alvenegro’s team.

This was Timãozinho’s fourth consecutive match without a win in the national competition, with two draws and two defeats in the period. The team is ranked 16th in the table with 16 points.

Write it down, believer! – The under-20 team will return to the field next Saturday, when they host Atletico Goiananci, in Fazendinha, at 3 pm, for the twelfth round of the Brazilian League.

Lined up

Diogo Seston chose Corinthians to duel with: Alan Gobetti, Leo Mana, Lucas Pelesi, Murillo and Reginaldo; Riquelme, Ryan, Kevin and Guilherme Perrault; Kawi and Felipe Augusto.

My Timon

the game

First time

Corinthians started the match by pressing Grêmio. Thanks to the high lines of control, Timãozinho was able to reach the attack, but without creating big opportunities. On his first opportunity, the Rio Grande do Sul team opened the scoring with midfielder Rubens, who received the ball on the edge of the area and hit a cross without a chance for Alan Gobetti.

With a weakness on the scoreboard and no win in three matches, Corinthians struggled to get back into the match and took advantage of Grêmio. The opponent started using the sides of the field and disturbed the Alvinegra defense even more.

Timãozinho’s first arrival was in the 15th minute, when Léo Maná made a fine move, crossed and the ball passed through everyone in the Corinthians attack. Minutes later, Alfinegro’s side had a good offensive sequence, with a few consecutive corners, but nonetheless Thiago’s goal was not in great danger.

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In the 30th minute, Grêmio almost increased the score. After a cross from a free kick, Alain Gobetti made a header from the team’s striker from the south of the country. Soon, Timãozinho gave the answer with Cauê, who made a solo play and fired her.

In a balanced fashion, the first half ended 1-0 in favor of Grêmio, who seized the opportunity and scored the goal in his greatest chance of this first half.


Corinthians returned for the second time with the most interest in the match. Seeking to flip the scoreboard, Timãozinho twice arrives at Grêmio in peril. Felipe gave a powerful first shot and the ball went out, while, on the second chance, Kevin Vinicius made a good one-on-one show and stopped on goalkeeper Thiago.

Pressing the opponent, Corinthians equalized in eight minutes of the second half. Léo Maná put in a good display on the side, Cauê found a freestyle in the small area and the striker put the ball into the back of the net after the character had been kicked..

Even after increasing the chances, Corinthians saw Grêmio reach the second goal in the 15th minute. Coyabano received an inverted ball and kicked hard, defeating goalkeeper Alain Gobetti. After the goal, the opponent arrived again and the Timão goalkeeper performed a miracle to hold off the third Grêmio crowd.

With a flaw on the scoreboard, Timãozinho started to put pressure on Grêmio’s team, but the opponent was able to take advantage of Corinthians’ mistakes and attack using counter-attacks a lot. Zinho received a good ball, Liu cut Mana and kicked over El Fangra’s goal.

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Timãozinho suffered from Grêmio’s attacks due to his inability to adapt to the match. At the age of 35, Alain Gobetti made another good save after a shot from Cuiabano. Soon after, the full-back was sent off for taking a second yellow card.

With one extra, Corinthians began to attack Grêmio more, but nevertheless, the team made many mistakes and could not reach the opponent’s goal. In the final minutes, a general confusion occurred between the players of the two clubs after Robert and Leo Santos collapsed on the pitch. Ryan and Leo Santos were kicked out by Timao.

After the confusion, the match ended with Grêmio winning 2-1.

Ficha tcnica de Grmio 2 x 1 Corinthians

Contest: Brazil U-20 Championship
Sweetened: Presidente Helio Dorado Training Center, El Dorado do Sul, Republika Srpska
Data: August 14, 2021 (Saturday)
Hor Wacotrio: 3:00 pm (Brazilia)
Rule: Lucas Guimaraes Ricatico Horn
Auxiliaries: Fabricio Lima Basseggio and Gustavo Marine Sher
Objectives: Cuiabano and Rubens (Gremio); Cao (Corinthians)
yellow cards: Cuiabano and Ronald (Gremio); Murillo (Corinthians)
red cards: Cuiabano, Robert and Velasco (Germio); Ryan and Leonardo Santos (Corinthians)

Thunder sound: Thiago b. Wesley (Lucas Cowan) and c. Martins, Le Oliveira and Coyabano; Ronald, Higo & Rubens (Vidmar); Robert, Lu Venga (Yan) and Lucas Alves (Zinho) (Velasco).
idiomatic: William Bossel

Corinth: Alan Ferreira Lo Mana, Lucas Pelesi, Murillo (Alan Ferreira), Riquelme; Reginaldo (Leonardo Santos) and Kevin Vinicius (Arthur Sousa); Ryan (Louis Mandaka) and Guilherme Perrault (Mateus Arago); Cao and Felipe Augusto.
idiomatic: Diogo Seston

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