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Corinthians fans will be back in the ring against Fortaleza

Corinthians fans will be back in the ring against Fortaleza

In a live broadcast to celebrate the 111th anniversary of the founding CorinthiansSupervisor Jose Collagrosi revealed that Alvenegro has a match scheduled with the crowd at the New Coimica Arena. The said match will be against Fortaleza, in the 30th Brazilian Championship, and it will be Corinthians’ first time in Itakera after nearly two years of absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“In a couple of months, the audience will be back. The first public match is scheduled for November 7. This is the time I ask fans to take a look at ‘Faithful Supporter.’ Please, it is very important that you were already in the past, back to Existence. It is very important to increase the revenue base that the club needs so much, but also to achieve engagement with the business partners of the plan. In a couple of months you will be back here,” said Superintendent of Marketing and Communications and Corinthians Innovation.

Brazilian Football Confederation football) has not yet completely dismantled the Brazilian championship table, but the date in question is reserved for the 30th round of the national competition. At this point in the tournament, Corinthians will face Fortaleza in their home stadium.

A few weeks ago, Governor João Doria informed that fans can return to the stadiums of Sao Paulo from November 1, as long as security protocols in the fight against COVID-19 are respected. Recently, the Brazilian Football Confederation issued its own protocol so that the public can return to attend Serie A matches in Brazil.

The return of the audience and the consequent revenue generation of fans is eagerly awaited by Corinthians. President Duilio Monteiro Alves has revealed that the club will no longer have a box office collection dedicated to the payment fund for its stadium, which will provide massive financial relief to Alfinegro’s coffers. The projection is that, per game, Timão will be able to earn approximately R$1.5 million.

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Until the end of the Brazilian championship, Corinthians will play five matches at the New Coimica Stadium in the presence of the fans. In addition to Fortaleza, he will face Timao Cuiaba (Round 32), Santos (Round 34), Atlético PR (Round 36) and Syndicate (37th floor) with an elephant in the stands.