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Corinthians dominate the derby against Santos, win with a great performance from Joe and return to G4

Corinthians dominate the derby against Santos, win with a great performance from Joe and return to G4

Corinthians beat Santos in the derby in the 34th round of the Brazilian League, 2-0, and Joe and Gabriel scored a goal

With more than 40 thousand people in the Neo Química Arena, the hotel Corinthians Dominate and win the derby against Santos 2-0 to round 34 of Brazilian Championship. Atmosphere NS Gabriel Score the goals of the match.

NS Leadership He reached the match after losing to flamingo in the Maracana. actually Fish It came from a 2-0 home win over Chapecoense.

Those led by Sylvinho arrived for the match looking for victory to return to the G4. On the other hand, Carrell’s team, who combined with his former team, wanted to win to rule out any chance of relegation.

And in the first stage, only one team played. Corinthians dominated the proceedings and demanded that goalkeeper Joao Paulo be the big name in the first stage, saving Santos from falling behind.

The pressure had an effect, and only a minute into the final stage, it was Leadership Open the scoreboard. In a nice move from the right, he served Gabriel Pereira de Queiroz who founded Joe. The striker spins, pivots and hits the corner to score.

At 39 came the second. Renato Augusto’s spin-off for Joe who, once again in a pivotal play, fixed Gabriel. The steering wheel hit the corner and took victory.

Tournament Mode

As a result, Corinthians will do 53 Point and return to G-4 in Brazil.

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Santos, on the other hand, has 42 stitches and continues 11ª situation.

man: jo

The 77 shirt showed what he does best: goals. After a beautiful move by young Gabriel Pereira and de Queiroz, the central striker opened the pivot guide and took control, turned and shot the corner to open the score for Corinthians.

In the end, he took it from Renato Augusto and, again in a good pivotal move, arranged for Gabriel to score the winning goal.

Upcoming games

The two teams will return to the field next Thursday (25). Corinth will go to Castelão to face car, at 20. Santos receives the succumb to, at Villa Belmiro, at 7 p.m.

data sheet

Corinthians 2 x 0 saints

Objectives: Joe and Gabriel (Corinthians)

Corinthians: Cassius. Wagner, Joao Victor, Gil and Fabio Santos; Gabriel, Duqueros (Rooney), Renato Augusto (Louane), and Gabriel; Gabriel Pereira (Willian), Roger Geddes and Joe. idiomatic: Sylvino

Santos: John Powell; Kaichi, Luiz Filipe and Danilo Pozza; Madson (Angelo Borges), Camacho, Vinicius Zanusillo (Carlos Sanchez), and Felipe Jonatan; Gabriel Pirani (Lucas Braga), Marcos Guilherme and Diego Tardelli. idiomatic: Fabio Carrell